Our Team

12 Passionate Middle and High Schoolers from the Bay Area

Co-Founder & Co-Captain
Programming (Lead) & Outreach

I am in 11th grade, and this is my sixth year participating in a FIRST robotics program. I did two years in FLL, and this is my fourth season in FTC. As software lead, I've managed and built this team's code over the past few years, with most notable contributions in odometry, narrow ML vision detection/attribution, teleop automation, and smaller algorithms: ie angle adjustment. I've also planned and executed most of the outreach events, with an amassed 5,000+ people reached, including both professionals in STEM and students. I work on management and have contributed to all subteams. I look forward to my future in STEM and believe FIRST has prepared me well.

Co-Founder and Co-Captain
Design (Lead) & Documentation (Lead)

I am in 11th grade, and this is my sixth year participating in a FIRST robotics program. I did two years in FLL, and this is my fourth season in FTC. I led the programming team for several years but then switched over to the hardware/design subteam last season to try it out, and I’ve been focusing on designing mechanisms ever since. I want to get better at 3D sketches, learn more about new hardware mechanisms, and I want our team to go to the world championships this year! I’m captain of my high school tennis team, proud owner of two rabbits, and an avid enthusiast of camping and the outdoors.

Programming & Outreach & Documentation

I am in 9th grade and this is my 2nd year of doing FTC and my 5th year of doing robotics. I enjoy programming for being able to experiment with the robot, outreach for the opportunity to connect with and introduce robotics to other people, and documentation it is a vital part of the team. This year, I want to learn more about FTC programming, learn better documentation and time management skills, and hope our team can get as far in the competition as we can. In my free time, I enjoy doing digital art, playing volleyball, and writing.

Programming & Documentation & Outreach

I am in 8th grade, and this is my 1st year of doing FTC and robotics. I am mainly focusing on documentation so that I can learn about the different aspects of the team through writing about them, as well as programming since I have enough experience with it to be able to contribute and outreach (specifically planning and drafting emails). My goal this year is to expand my programming knowledge, and help the team advance as far as we can. Outside of robotics, my hobbies include reading, writing, and baking.

Programming & Outreach & Documentation

I'm a 7th grader in Bowditch Middle School. This is my first year doing FTC, but I have prior robotics experience. I am mainly on the programming subteam, but I help with outreach and documentation. I like to code, solve the Rubik's cube, and play piano. My goals this team are to learn a lot and help the team succeed.


I’m in 7th grade and this is my first year in FTC, but I have experience with programming. I chose programming as my subteam because I am passionate about the subject and have already programmed in my past. I hope to expand my programming knowledge as well as gaining more experience in robotics. In my free time, I love to bike, play table tennis, and play the trombone.

Hardware (Lead)

I am an 11th grader. This is my 3rd year doing robotics and this is my third year on Vortex Robotics. I am the hardware co-lead on Vortex. From this team, I hope to learn more about engineering and enhance my overall high school experience. In my free time, I enjoy being outdoors, playing sports, and reading.

Hardware (Lead) / Design

I am currently in 11th Grade at Carlmont High School. This is my 4th year of FTC robotics. My favorite part about robotics is coming up with clever mechanisms and designs to effectively solve the problems presented in a game, hence my decision to be a part of hardware. I want to really succeed this year. I feel that with our current team, that we can make it far in this year's competition.

Outreach (Lead) & Documentation & Hardware/Design

I am currently a junior in high school. This is my 4th year doing FTC, and my 2nd year on team Vortex. I am the lead of the outreach subteam, but I also work in documentation and hardware subteams. In these subteams, I want to practice my public speaking and communication skills, as well as further my knowledge on the technical portion of robotics through work in the hardware subteam. Outside of robotics, some of my hobbies include drawing and playing violin.

Hardware/Design & Documentation & Outreach

I am in 7th grade and this is my first year participating in robotics and FTC. I mainly take part in the Hardware and Design subteam, but also contribute and participate in Outreach and Documentation. I really enjoy taking part in all 3 subteams, putting together pieces and CADing in hardware, fundraising and writing emails in outreach, and helping out with our notebooks and portfolios in documentation. I really love the learning experience of being with Vortex Robotics, and look forward to growing with our team! Some of my hobbies are reading, baking, and playing guitar!

Hardware/Design & Documentation

I am in 7th grade, this is my first year participating in FTC, and I am really excited to learn more about it. I chose hardware/design because I love building things, like LEGOs! I hope to learn more about hardware and CADing and help the team progress onto more rounds of competition. Outside of the team, you will find me in my patio, watering my plants, or in a blanket with an interesting book.


I am currently a freshman at San Mateo High School. This is my first year in FTC, but I have previously had some experience with robotics. I am on the hardware/design subteam. I picked this team because I love to design and build things. I hope that I learn a lot from this and possibly even lead the hardware/design subteam one day. Some hobbies of mine are playing sports and cooking.


Dedicated to mentoring and inspiring our team


I am the head of cybersecurity/ information security at Almitetrik. As the lead coach of this team, I offer support and assist with any technical problems and questions they have. I love educating this next generation of innovators!


I am the COO and Chief Product Officer at Whisper Aero. Previously I was the Head of Strategy at Uber Elevate and an aircraft designer at Northrop Grumman Advanced Design. I have a wealth of FIRST experience, having competed, led, coached, and mentored WHS Robotics in the FLL, FTC, FRC divisions. I am a believer in giving back and choose to mentor in gratitude for the guidance I received in my youth.


I am excited to be a coach for this bright and ambitious team. This is my first year participating in the FIRST tech challenge. My goals are to support the team members' growth as savvy problem solvers, help them succeed in the competition, and have fun building robots. During the day, I lead a research team at Chan Zuckerberg Biohub. We invent and deploy computational imaging platforms to map the complexity of biological systems, and understand how they go awry during disease. I enjoy mentoring, and occasionally teach courses on imaging and deep learning. I can be found on twitter and LinkedIn.